Collective Intelligence

Imagination is more important than knowledge
— Albert Einstein

I believe this more than ever. Blogs are a good example. I enjoy reading blogs. In them, you get a glimpse into the imaginative mind of the blogger. Because I am a bit of a techie, Jon Udell is one of my favorites. I personally think he is an idea machine.

Talking about idea machines, I am privileged to spend some time with Doug. I met him almost a year ago and it is one of the most transforming events in my life. He is the closest to a real genius I ever met. His thinking is refreshingly different.

He is well known as the inventor of the mouse. There are lot of other ideas of his that do not get as much attention. I plan to blog a bit about some of these in the coming weeks. If you have not done so, it is worth reading a few of his papers.

I will close with a few things to ponder about.

What is Collective IQ?
How do you Augment Human Intellect?
What is a Networked Improvement Community?
How do you build a Dynamic Knowledge Repository?

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