26 thoughts on “What is an Ontology?

  1. Just wanted to say that I’ve sent some notes I gathered from your blog including What is an Ontology? for research on home organize which I’m helping with, with so thanks a lot Dorai. Anny.

  2. hi

    I hv completed my BE in 2008 & going for interview for PhD prog. in IIID. I have chosen my topic as
    “organising gtructured data from un structured data for business intelligence”.

    ther i found ontology is used for this —- plz let me kno basics of ontology & how it is used in google application. is it clustering of data ..

    am new to this topic ..plz let me kno

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  4. “The difficulty we face is that the mental model of information is not the same for every member of a collaboratory.” Very true. Been working on this issue for a long time, ontology of ontologies

  5. Thanks. Ontology approaches themselves are a bit controversial. One single Ontology vs several. Seem to be slowly working out as evidenced by schema.org and dbpedia.

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