LinkLog: Mullticore and Parallel Programming

Infostreams Alert titled: multicore

  1. Yahoo Releases Hadoop Source CodeYahoo Releases Hadoop Source Code An open source parallel programming framework
  2. Free SDK for High Performance ComputingFree SDK for High Performance Computing Targeted at parallel programming of FPGAs
  3. Snow Leopard taps into the Mac’s multicore powerSnow Leopard taps into the Mac’s multicore power Laptops and desktops could see software performance gains with parallel programming tools built into Apple’s new operating system, Mac OS X 10.6, which was introduced by the company on Monday. (Agam Shah)
  4. Multicore Courses through MIT’s Professional Education programMulticore Courses through MIT’s Professional Education program We just wrapped up our 2-day course (6 lectures and 4 hands-on labs) at MIT.Here are the lectures from this week’s 2-day course:Welcome slides1 – The Multicore Software Challenge 2 – Parallelism and Performance3 – Analysis of Multithreaded AlgorithmsWelcome Back slides4 – Issues in …
  5. Research SponsorshipsResearch Sponsorships Research Sponsorships The Intel University Research Grant program – Research is the key to developing next-generation technologies. Intel is working with universities worldwide to enable the advancement of technology through a variety of programs including regional academic forums, university research grants and the funding of open and collaborative …
  6. SMPs. Clusters. Accelerators. Next? Personal supers.SMPs. Clusters. Accelerators. Next? Personal supers. Joe Landman has a thoughtful post at his blog on the Next Big Thing in HPC that riffs off a post by Doug Eadline at Linux Mag. Doug talks a little bit about the history of HPC, and then asks this question Given that …

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