LinkLog: Connective Intelligence

I need to thank Bill Daul for bringing this story to our attention. It is about an amazing “visual meditation” about Iran Election. This beautiful article interleaves the science of social networks and the power of visualization with a very human story.

At this very moment, millions are uniting with their brothers and sisters in the streets of Iran. From thousands of miles away, the Internet brings information immediately between continents and countries as if from the same local community, unencumbered by spatial constraints and political borders.

Taking us on a gripping journey Bonnie DeVarco explores the evolution of  “Small World Network” and “Six Degrees of Connective Intelligence”

  1. Human stories become real time conversations documented on the social web
  2. that link humans into complex conversational and activist networks
  3. that leave information trails and data tracks we can turn into maps, artworks and visualizations
  4. that we can draw from to synthesize new information
  5. to tell ourselves richer, more comprehensive narratives and stories
  6. to gain and share a higher level of collective wisdom

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