LinkLog: When Do Customers Know Exactly What They Want?

Principles of Simple Agile is a good read. Here are two principles that I really like:

  1. Respect
  2. Keep it Simple

Here are some snippets from the article. I reformatted the para on Respect and trimmed it a bit.

When does a customer know exactly what they want?  When they see it of course!  When do they know how they feel about your product?  When they see it.  Let them see it more often, gather feedback and utilize the feedback. 

Respect the process by sticking to it and holding each other accountable for process success. 

Respect the product by reducing complexity and technical debt. 

Respect the team by not having unrealistic goals, being sustainable and letting them solve their own problems. 

Respect each other by working together toward success and supporting each other at all times. 

We should do the simplest thing that works – then stop. 

Ask the customer (remember we are respecting them by getting them involved) if we hit the mark.

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