Of Practical Knowledge and Dynamics of Innovation

Forms of Transmission of practical knowledge and its impact on the dynamics of Innovation

The project's approach proceeds from the assumption that the dynamics of innovative processes are crucially affected by the distinct culture of communicating, accumulating and implementing practical knowledge. It sees that innovation benefits in a cumulative way from the circulation, access and recombination of different, pre-existing bits of knowledge embodied by a variety of actors. The project distinguishes between transmission methods, i.e. personal contacts that transport tacit as well as explicit knowledge, skills and experience supplemented by the transmission of knowledge in materia as apparent in tools, machines and products and finally written transmission.

This is an important area of research to find out why certain groups are more innovative than others.

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2 thoughts on “Of Practical Knowledge and Dynamics of Innovation

  1. you might find this also of interest: an informative book on Tacit Knowledge in Professional Practice – by Robert J Sternberg and Joseph A Horvath – covers researcher and practitioner perspectives.
    ISBN – 978-0-8058-2436-0

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