What If Facebook Becomes a Blogging Platform?

What if Facebook becomes a blogging platform (among many other things)? Here are some benefits I can see (and I leave it to you tell me about all the problems you see).

  1. We will get an easy tool and will integrate well with our personal page.
  2. When some one comments on my blog, I can see who they are and follow them if I want to.
  3. A Subscribe button, similar to the Like button can help users subscribe to the blog and receive notification of new posts/comments. And as a blogger, I will know who they are.
  4. It may be visible outside facebook (public), or restricted to few groups (private). We can use this to have longer and more meaningful communications with close friends, family, colleagues.
  5. There will be no need to go to another platform to blog. It may bring more people into blogging (not sure whether that is good or bad).
  6. Facebook will get more content and more load and they can hire more engineers to optimize and scale MySQL and contribute the code to developer community 🙂
  7. It will just take me one step closer to moving my personal website there.

What do you think? At some level this idea may suck (privacy, dependency and all that stuff) but at other levels…

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