Why I Write?

I write because, I always hope that it starts a conversation somewhere. Conversations are healthy. It does not matter what really starts a conversation. It may be an event or a tweet or a post or a comment. Where the conversation happens does not matter either. They can be email threads or  blog posts with comments or twitter streams. What is good about conversations is that we all learn more from them.

Some times I write because I want to remember something I just learned. Writing it down helps me understand it better and provides a bit of a context.

Lots of times though, I write because I am thinking aloud. I used to feel a bit shy and not think aloud in public. But I do now in conversations. So why not in writing?

Why I am I telling you all this? Because, I saw an article in NY Times that the World Writing Day is coming up and it may be a good excuse to write a bit about why I write.

Tell us why your write. Then tweet it with the #whyIwrite hash tag to celebrate the World Writing day.

4 thoughts on “Why I Write?

  1. Nice one … and nicer is your gesture in jotting these thoughts down for other writers to benefit.

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