Why Did I Not Think of That?

I am often amazed by ideas, points of view, new insights, writings and innovations that others come up with. I keep asking myself, “why did I not think of that”?

So I did a little thinking and came up with this preliminary list:

  • Do I see what most of the others miss?
  • If I do, do I observe it to learn more?
  • Do I reflect about my observations?
  • Do I form hypotheses based on my observations?
  • Do I look for evidence to prove or disprove my hypotheses?
  • Do I share it with others and get other points of view?
  • Do I write about my theories and see whether it evokes any interest?
  • Do I think about the future (not just mine) of everything I use everyday?

If I do, how often do I do it? What about you?

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