IOT: Odroid, Electromagnetic Harvester, Runkeeper, HealthyCircles, Nike FuelBand, Fitbit


  1. The ODROID-U2: Smallest, ultra-compact 1.7GHz Quad Core development board

    ODROID-U2 on the left… Hardkernel’s corporate card on the right? (via Hardkernel) Hardkernel Co, the open-source hardware company from Korea, has achieved quite a bit of success over the years with the release of several of the world’s first Android, ARM-powered development boards. Their latest release, the ODROID-U2, is …

  2. Electromagnetic Harvester charges AA battery by exploiting radiant EM fields

    Dennis Deigel’s EM Harvester can capture radiant energy from electromagnetic fields to charge a AA battery (via As part of a scientific venture into the global movement for sustainable energy harvesting – Dennis Siegel has constructed a palm-sized energy harvesting device capable of capturing radiant energy from the …

  3. RunKeeper gains Pebble smartwatch integration

    RunKeeper, the popular mobile fitness and GPS tracking app, received an update Tuesday which allows for some interesting Pebble smartwatch features. Thanks to deep integration with the Bluetooth Smart-enabled E-paper wrist device, RunKeeper users can keep track of their workout stats on their Pebble. This includes the stuff like displaying …

  4. News & Updates

    Qualcomm Life acquired HealthyCircles, a care coordination SaaS provider, to integrate Qualcomm’s 2net™ Platform and Hub with the HealthyCircles enterprise platform. The integration enables providers to collect, monitor and manage near real-time actionable data that is readily accessible and shareable with a patient’s care team. Honeywell HomMed unveiled a line …

  5. SoundOfMotion Launches Campaign to Start Production of New VeloComputer Bluetooth Smart Sensor RIDER

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., May 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — SoundOfMotion Technologies Inc. launches a campaign on crowd funding sites and pledging to the cyclists’ community for a help accelerating the manufacturing of its new VeloComputer™ 1-Degree Precision…

  6. Nike FuelBand 2: Heart Rate Monitor & Android Support Rumored

    Nike FuelBand 2: Heart Rate Monitor & Android Support Rumored is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile.The Nike FuelBand 2 is reportedly in the works, and may come with a heart rate monitor and Android support. Nike FuelBand is currently one of the most popular app enabled …

  7. Automatic Pairs Your Car & iPhone with OnStar-like Features

    Regret not ponying up for that OnStar subscription for your last car? A startup called Automatic promises to provide most of those features (and a few extra) with an iPhone app and a hardware dongle that plugs into your car’s data port. The device performs diagnostics, lets you turn off …

  8. Flex: Fitbit’s New Wristband Health Tracker

    Fitbit’s new Flex health tracker wristband is out, and it offers several of the features found in the Fitbit One, including Bluetooth iPhone and computer sync support. The wristband sensor tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep patterns, includes a silent alarm, plus it’s water resistant so you can wear …

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