What is a Book Sprint?

While going through Safari Online Blog posts, I came across Book Sprints. The ideas is pretty cool and I thought I should share it.

What is a Book Sprint?

A Book Sprint brings together a group to produce a book in 3-5 days. There is no pre-production and the group is guided by a facilitator from zero to published book. The books produced are high quality content and are made available immediately at the end of the sprint via print-on-demand services and e-book formats.

I can see several uses of this effort in both tech communities and knowledge sharing communities. Heck, it may even be used in colleges at the end of a course (somewhat similar to wikibooks effort by teacher/student groups).

A few thoughts:

  • May be  great idea to have this sprint running in parallel to a conference (or overlapping it)
  • Can be done as a part of activity of some of the tech communities like ChennaiGeeks or kCommunity
  • It can be at the end of a semester in college with students as authors
  • It can be an internal effort inside a company
  • It can even be a nice way to produce Children’s books by parent clubs

More information, news and article are available at Booksprints.

Some fascinating sprints


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