Cloud Interoperability, Cloud and Big Data, Cloud Skills, Everything As A Service, Cloud for Small Businesses

A few cloud links from TopicMinder Alerts:

  1. Coupling Big Data With Cloud Computing To Reap Finer Results!

    Cloud Hosting emerged as a pioneering concept and led to the democratization of IT sector. With expanded reach to the masses, it has brought in drastic cost reduction with ample application choices giving users the power to make the most of technology. The autonomous transformation of IT has not only …

  2. Interoperability: A Much Needed Cloud Computing Focus

    Cloud computing transitions information technology (IT) from being “systems of physically integrated hardware and software” to “systems of virtually integrated services”. This transition makes interoperability the difference between the success and failure of IT deployments, especially in the Federal government. Recent government IT failures like the healthcare portal roll out …

  3. Desperately Needed: More Cloud Training, More Cloud Skills

    Okay, just about everyone is convinced at this point — cloud computing is a good thing that can provide tremendous business value, if applied …

  4. Cloud Infrastructure Management: Companies and Solutions 2013

    This report evaluates cloud management including types of cloud computing models, challenges facing cloud computing, implementation of cloud …

  5. Cloud Security 2013: Companies and Solutions

    Cloud security is the set of security protocols and technologies that protect the cloud resources and the integrity of data stored in a cloud computing …

  6. Why Cloud 2.0 will be everything-as-a-service – Cloud Computing Intelligence

    The cloud computing market has matured significantly in the past two to three years, becoming almost synonymous with infrastructure-as-a-service …

  7. Is the Cloud Applicable to Small Businesses?

    … their business in an easier, more cost effective way. In fact, Gartner research indicates that the cloud computing market reached $150 billion in 2013!

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