Seven Things To Do After You Finish a Hackathon

We just concluded a Chennai Geeks Hackathon over the weekend. While talking to the participants, I requested them to do a few things after they get some sleep.

  1. Put the source code on Github and add the link to your profiles and Tweet it.
  2. Share your hackathon experience – both technical and non-technical in Geek forums of your choice, at your company  or with your classmates.
  3. Join the Geek community and try to attend  more hackathons or social coding events.
  4. Think of three things we can do better in the next hackathon (as a community) and share it in Chennai Geeks forum.
  5. Write a blog post about your effort – the process you went through, the problems you had, the technologies you used and things you learned.
  6. Give a talk at a future Geek event.
  7. Continue the effort started at the hackathon and create something usable.

We (at Chennai Geeks) will plan more and different types of social coding events.


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