A Student: I Don’t Have One But Several Ideas

It was one of those sessions while I was talking to students about  creativity and innovation. I polled the students, first. How many of you think you are creative, I asked.

A few hands went up.

“Keep the hands up and look around”, I said.

A few more hands went up.  I picked one of the girls (there were very few with their hands up) and asked her –  “Why do you think you are creative? Do you have an idea?”.

“Not one, but many”. And before I could recover, she reeled them off one by one. There were quite a few good ideas.

This is why I love talking to students. You never know, when you find some of these gems. It is worth visiting colleges to find just one or two of these unusual people. It is also the reason, why I hire mostly freshers (with a few exceptions). I have had great experience in working with them.

I also, never forget these students and try to stay in touch.