Products I Built/Managed Since 1983

In all the products I played several roles. Till 1985, I was the lone developer. From 1985 to early 90s, I was the designer/architect and team lead. Then I switched to a product management role and since then that is the role I have been playing.

  1. Cobol Filter – a program written in Cobol to convert one dialect of Cobol to another. It was a tool they used to migrate customers and run Cobol Benchmarks – 1984
  2. An operating system performance evaluation kit (a set of business benchmarks). Was used as a Competitive Intelligence tool by a Computer vendor  and identifying  – strengths and weaknesses in their products vs competition.(1983)
  3. A database engine called Gemini – Spec, Architecture/Design and a tiny fragment of coding (a schema parser). Mostly product management role. (84-85)
  4. A Cobol Compiler accelerator for a mini computer vendor. It consisted of a device driver and a couple of apps to speed up compilation 2-3 times. (84)
  5. A Cobol Extension tool to overcome the limitation of 64KB application addressing space in PDP-11 (84)
  6. A Lotus 123 clone called 456. It was a prototype. Two of us worked on it. I was involved in the design (not coding). It was never launched but did 70% of the features of 123 (1985).
  7. A SQL engine prototype in DOS –  (a subset of SQL. The first prototype) (1986)
  8. A DOS database engine called C-SQL (Coromandel SQL) (1987)
  9. C-SQL Gateways (SQL engine on top of B-Trieve, dBASE file formats). We had this feature before Microsoft Access ever came out. (1988)
  10. A portable SQL engine called Integra SQL. Part of the product team. Did a bit of product management, design/architecture and testing. It was built by a team of 3 initially which grew to about 7. Was sold till mid 90s in US and India. (1988-92)
  11. An ISAM engine called C-Trieve based on X/OPEN standards. Originally built to replace C-ISAM which we used as part of Integra SQL and later became a successful product by itself. It was licensed to a few vendors and was was also published for a product for DOS/Windows/Unix in late 80s (1987)
  12. Objectrieve-C – Next generation of ISAM engine with BLOB support and user defined data types. Early 90s (1990-91)
  13. Obectrieve/VB our first product on Microsoft VB when it was launched (1991).
  14. DbControls/VB our second VB product – a customer control (VB component toolkit) for building database apps with minimal coding. Was licensed and distributed by Microsoft in Scandinavian countries(1991-92)
  15. Integra VDB – The first product (even before Microsoft Access) to use ODBC drivers on Windows. Supported several SQL databases. Went from 0 to 3M$ in one year’s time. (1992)
  16. Integra VDB components for Borland Delphi (was bundled by Borland) (1993)
  17. Visual Query Builder – A tool that was part of Integra VDB was licensed to Borland and integrated into Delphi. (1993)
  18. Integra VDB for Visual C++. The first database product for Visual C++. In fact, in a rare gesture, Microsoft allowed us to tour with their Visual C++ team to tour 8 countries in Europe and present it. (1993)
  19. Integra BAB – Next generation of VDB builder (1994)
  20. A custom ODBC driver for a Graphic Database product (1994-95)
  21. A custom ODBC driver for a Canadian product (1994-95)
  22. Intelliweb components (a set of web components for Dreamweaver). Did an MVP and found that it was not a sustainable product and scrapped it. (2001-02)
  23. InfoMinder (launched in 2001. Still going strong). Built using Java technologies (2001)
  24. TopicMinder (had several names NewsMinder, Infostreams). Built using Python/Django (2007)
  25. Currently working on InfoAnalyzers – a set of tools to analyze/visualize information.

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