For Entrepreneurs

Here is the Best Starting Point

How to Build a Startup by Steve Blank (a course from Udacity)

Learn With Google

Learn how to grow your business online

My Bundle of Links for Entrepreneurs

Resources for Entrepreneurs – Resources for Entrepreneurs – technology, marketing, social, business, trends, opportunities, challenges

On Products And Product Development

Why do products fail?

Recommended Books

Bootstrapping your business ( I am not so sure about the with ‘no money’ part. But it is a good book on how he valdiated the idea before building the product)

The Four Steps to  the Epiphany – Successful Strategies for  Products that Win by Steven Blank (a free pdf)

The Lean Startup (book) and Startu Lessons Learned Blog

The Entrepreneur´s Guide to Customer Development for Tech Startups

Start Small, Stay Small focuses on practical, step-by-step instructions used by hundreds of developers on the road to launching their startups.

There is a great discussion and a list on Quora – What books are on your “must read” list for web startups?

Marketing Resources

Hubspot –  a great resource for marketing. Check out their blog, follow them on Twitter, try their grader products and subscribe to the news letter. One of the best resources for marketing.

Market Niche Finder – Go through the 17 step process and understand how to find the niche for your product. It is free.

Customer Development Value Path

9 Awesome ways to Market a Business Blog

5 Inbound Marketing Articles

A bundle of links on Resources for Entrepreneurs

Podcasts and Other Resources

The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders lecture series

The Entrepreneur’s Handbook: 101 Resources for First Time Entrepreneurs

How to Launch Products Online? 

On Microproducts and Micropreneurship

Resource Links for Micropreneurship

Some Related Blog Posts of Mine and Blog Roll

Product Oriented Culture

Can Software Service Companies Benefit from Product Initiatives?

Product Sprints

A List of Lists

One of the best blogs on Entrepreneurial topics

Some great lists

A compilation of 2011’s best posts about managing startups by Prof 

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