Learning About Learning

At iMorph Innovation Center, we are trying a new experiment – Innovation in Teaching and Learning. We hope to start with the software community and move to others, building tools, trying a few novel methods. This  journey, so far, is exciting and extremely satisfying.

One of the inspirations for this initiative was a study by Deloitte on How People Learn and this fascinating book – How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Excellence and School.


Another source of inspiration was from Seven Freedoms of Learning.


Seven C’s of Natural Learning from Clark Quinn – Choose, Commit, Crash, Create, Copy, Converse, Collaborate.

Some Useful Links

Software Development is hard. It takes a long time to become a master. If you need to understand why, read Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years, by Peter Norvig, a classic.

A blog about Learning

Micro Learning and Micro Knowledge

Adult Learning Styles – Patterns in Adult Learning

Your Learning and Your Brain

Problem Based Learning Wiki – A wiki to keep resources and where students keep their learnlogs and project logs.

Do you want to explore further? Please send me an email. The address is dorai at thodla.com.

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